家長資訊 Parent Info

重要規定與下載表格 Important Information and Useful Forms to Download: 新學年注意事項 Important Back To School Information from Principal's Office

校方大多以電子郵件或部落格公告重要事項, 請和教務處連絡如何設立帳號登入。Most parent info is communicated via email and blogs. Please contact school admin for signing up.

學生守則 Student Handbook

學校守則 General Expectations

  1. 遵守時間:不遲到,不早退。Be on time for school. Unexcused absences and tardiness are strongly discouraged. Attendance will be tracked and will be part of the final grade. 本校上課時間如下(class hours are as follows):
    • 學前班 (Pre-school):1:30~4:00 PM
    • 其他班 (Others):
      • 第一節 (1st period): 1:30~2:20 PM
      • 第二節 (2nd period): 2:30~3:20 PM
      • 第三節 (3rd period): 3:40~4:30 PM
      • 第四節 (4th period): 4:40~5:30 PM/5:45 PM (credit classes only)
  2. 若無法到校上課,請提早打電話通知老師,並請他人代為領取該週的作業。If you cannot come to school, please call the teacher as early as possible and be sure to arrange for someone to pick up your homework.
  3. 每週上課時須帶齊課本、作業、鉛筆、橡皮擦和三孔檔案夾。 Students shall bring to class their own textbook, homework, pencil, eraser, three rings binder, and any additional items required by the teacher.
  4. 對老師要有禮貌,對同學要友愛。不做任何可能對他/她人造成身心傷害的行為。Be courteous to your teacher and classmates. Do not behave in any way that may cause mental or bodily harm to others.
  5. 家長無法準時來接時,應到辦公室等待,不可在校園內四處遊蕩玩耍。 If your parent cannot pick you up on time, please wait for them in the office. Do not play or wonder around on campus.
  6. 不可攜帶電子產品﹐玩具﹐或其它貴重物品到學校。如有遺失﹐學校概不負責。 Do not bring electronics, toys, or other valuables to school. The school will not be held responsible for any such lost or misplaced items.
  7. 不可攜帶真/假武器,違禁物品,滑板或直排輪到校。若被發現,一概沒收。若發現攜帶違禁品,將立刻報警處理。Do not bring real/fake weapons, illegal objects/substances, skate boards, roller skates, or roller blades to school. Upon being caught these forbidden items will be confiscated. The staff will call 911 when witnessing students bringing illegal items.
  8. 為杜絕食物過敏﹐ 請不要和別人分享你的食物。 也不要接受別人的食物﹐除非得到你父母的允許。To prevent food allergies, please do not share your food with others. Also do not accept food offerings from others unless given permission by your parents.

課堂守則 Classroom Expectations

  1. 老師未進教室之前不可進入教室。 Do not enter the classroom before the teacher does.
  2. 不可動用教室內的任何物品。 Do not touch, move, or use anything in the classroom that does not belong to you.
  3. 不可使用教室內的電腦和垃圾桶。Do not use the school computer and trash can in the classroom.
  4. 上課中不可私下交談,需舉手得到老師允許後才可發言。Do not chat with others in the class. If you need to speak, raise your hand first. Start speaking only after given permission by the teacher.
  5. 上課時不可閱讀與課程無關之書報、玩玩具、看手機或其他智慧型電子產品,或做影響班級秩序之行為。During class, students shall not read unrelated materials, play toys, play with cell phones or any kind of smart electrical devices, or behave in any way that might be disruptive to the class.
  6. 不可在教室內進食或喝飲料。要隨時保持教室內的整潔。Do not eat or drink inside the classroom. Everyone should do his/her part to keep the classroom clean.
  7. 每週的值日生是老師的助理,要當班上的小老師,放學前要幫老師擦白板,並將桌椅排整齊。 The student on duty is also the assistant to the teacher. He shall wipe the whiteboard and line up tables and chairs.
  8. 學生每一節課遲到15分鐘以上時,該節課視同缺席。Attendance will be tracked by period. If a student is late for a period for more than 15 minutes, s/he is considered absent for that period.
  9. 上課時未經老師允許不得擅自離開教室。While the class is in session, students shall not leave the classroom without teacher’s permission.
  10. 考試絕對不作弊。Do not cheat during examination.
  11. 放學時要幫老師清理教室,將垃圾丟到教室外面的垃圾桶, 並將桌椅排整齊。然後帶好自己的物品,整齊有序的離開教室。At the end of school, everyone should help in cleaning up the classroom. Each student shall clean up his/her own seating area. Trash should be deposited into the trash cans outside of the classrooms. Each student should take home everything that belongs to him/her. Students shall leave the classroom in an orderly fashion when given permission by the teacher.

校園守則 Recess/Playground Expectations

  1. 學生下課時間,除非老師在場不得滯留在教室。Students shall not stay in the classroom during recess unless the teacher is present.
  2. 要愛護校園,不踐踏花草、不爬樹、教室內外均不可亂丟垃圾。It is everyone’s responsibility to take good care of our campus, do not stride on plants, climb trees or throw trashes around.
  3. 下課時請注意安全,不玩危險的遊戲,不可亂扔東西。Observe the safety rules. Do not play dangerous games. Do not climb trees or other structures. Do not throw things around.
  4. 不可在二樓或上下樓梯時奔跑,也不可使用電梯。No running on second floor and on stairs. Do not use the elevator.
  5. 不可破壞校區內之花草樹木及任何器具用品。Do not damage flowers, trees, any kind of signage, equipment, or anything else on campus.
  6. 不可在校園玩滑板或直排輪。Riding on skateboards, roller skates, and roller blades on campus are strictly forbidden.
  7. 要聽從學校老師,行政人員,及巡邏家長的溫馨提醒。Must follow Staff’s and Ground Supervision Volunteers’ reminders or/and instructions regarding all above expectations.

紀律處分 Disciplinary Actions

中華學苑理事會﹐家長會﹐和校務處均致力於為本校所有學生提供一個平等和安全的學習環境。如任何學生違反本學生守則所規定之條例﹐校方有權力處以紀律處分。The school Board, PTA, and Administration Office are dedicated to maintain a fair and safe learning environment for all our students. When a student violates the aforementioned Student Expectations, the school reserves the rights to institute disciplinary actions, including but not limited to:

  1. 輕度違規之初犯者會得到口頭警告﹐並通知家長。All SDCA Staff and Ground Supervision Volunteers may give mischievous students warnings. Minor offenses will result in verbal warnings to the student, and parent notified.
  2. 輕度違規之再犯者及家長需和校務處開會研討可行之改進辦法。學生及家長需簽署書面保證書﹐並嚴格遵守。For repeated minor offenses, the student and parent will be required to attend conference meeting with school administration. A written plan for improving student behavior will be developed in the meeting, signed by the student and parent, and followed by the student subsequently.
  3. 如有擾亂課堂秩序之行為﹐該學生將會立刻被遣送至校務處﹐並通知家長。Disruptive behaviors in the classroom will result in the student be sent to the office immediately, and parent notified.
  4. 如學生對教室,校園,或他人之物品造成破壞,學生家長需負責賠償。Offenses that caused structural and personal property damages will require the parent to pay for the damages.
  5. 被沒收的物品需要家長親臨辦公室簽名才能領回。Parents need to come to the office to pick up confiscated items. Parent signatures are required.
  6. 如學生對他人造成身心之傷害﹐該學生將會被立刻並無限期休學。該學生將不會被准許回到學校﹐一直到事件涉及之各方達成協議。Offenses that caused bodily injury to others will result in immediate and indefinite dismissal of the offending student. The student may not return to school until an agreement has been reached by all parties involved.
  7. 違規之學生需要為錯過之課業及活動負全責。學校概不退費。Any missed class lectures and activities are the sole responsibility of the offending student. The school is not obligated for tuition fee reimbursement for any missed classes.
  8. 對於擾亂學校秩序﹐情節及態度惡劣﹐屢教不改者﹐學校保留勒令退學之權力。學校概不退費。The school reserves the rights to repel any student, without tuition fee reimbursement, for repeated or serious violations of the expectations set forth in this Student Handbook.
Updated on 10/1/2018